Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Things - Reversed

I thought that for today - it would be really fun to do this backwards... I've been telling you things that I love for the last few weeks... and really - what I want to know are some of the things YOU can't live without. What are the top two or three things you're using right now.

It could be things for the kitchen, beauty products, books, kid items, housewares, general shopping... whatever you want to tell me about. I really want to know if there are some items out there that I need to snatch up quickly!

Is there something at the grocery store that is rockin your world? A book you can't put down? Something that is making you look and feel younger? Something your child can't live without? A candle or product for your house that you're loving right now? Accessories that we need to know about? (ahem... I can help out with your accessory needs) Is there something completely unrelated that you want to share with us?

Now is your chance! Tell us all about it!

While you're thinking about it, let me tell you about one thing...

It doesn't really help me just yet, but there is a website offering free education materials for download and print... so maybe your child or a child you know is struggling in a certain subject - you can print some supplemental materials to help them. Maybe you're a teacher needing some new fresh ideas. Maybe you're a homeschooling Mom who needs some new resources to help with a lesson. Whatever your needs - check out Please pass this on to anyone that might be able to benefit from this site. 

Also, ya'll... I am dying to try this - but can't bring myself to buy a whole half-gallon because girlfriend over here doesn't need that much of it! 

 Kentucky Pie Ice Cream
brown sugar ice cream with caramel sauce, chocolate chunks, toasted walnuts and pie crust pieces