Monday, September 12, 2011

J is for John and James

I know, it's two for one... but how could I choose just one of them to write about on this letter? Not possible... two out of the three loves of my life - gotta combine them.

Let me start with my partner in crime, and the most amazing guy I've ever known. John...

This picture was taken for our adoption profile, and it seems like 100 years ago at this point. But it's about the most recent photo I have without babies included, so I thought it would be a good one to use. John is an incredible husband, friend, father, provider, and man. He is the absolute perfect man for me - God brought us together with a purpose and I'm grateful that he did. John challenges me at times, comforts me, helps me, and makes me laugh too. He is an incredible father - who loves these boys fiercely. In addition, he is absolutely brilliant - if there is something he doesn't know how to do - he will find out and work at it until it's mastered. Aggie Football is a passion of his, and well... really football in general - because ALL games relate back to A&M in some way... high school games are future players and NFL games are former players - so there is interest in all levels. Gift giving is another thing he excels at - the most thoughtful and interesting gifts come from his imagination. He once gave me the 12 months of Christmas which was a gift I opened every month for a year with different things for us to do together... another incredible gift came the Christmas after my weight loss surgery - he gave me my first scrapbooking supplies and had our close friends and family write me letters of support for my journey. Lastly, my man can cook... and I mean he can make a gourmet dinner like no one else can when he has the time to put into it. We've had some incredible special occasion meals over the years. Our 10th anniversary is coming up in February and I can only imagine what the next 10 years will bring... but I know that they will be exciting and we will be there with each other loving every minute of it.

True story, the other night we were watching a DVRed episode of Rizzoli & Isles and someone in the show broke a window with their head. John looked at me and said "I don't know why anyone would want to do that... I mean if it was to protect you or the boys - yes, I'd do it... but not just for fun." Love that guy and his sweet protective heart.

James - oh what to say about this little man. He was the answer to a very long prayer 8 years in the making. I've loved him from the moment I saw him in the nursery at the hospital... he is a screamer though! HA! He makes sure that you know when he's not happy or satisfied in the moment. As he gets bigger - I see a curiosity in him that I find intriguing... I really love watching him figure things out - he'll just keep working at it until it makes sense to him. Sometimes though, he'll bring a toy to me that he knows how to work - just to be next to Mommy. Until this last week, he has been an adventurous eater - I suspect this week's illnesses are just working their way through and once he's 100% again - he'll be back to trying out all the things that Mommy and Daddy eat. Giving kisses is a fun new trick that he's learned - he'll walk up to one of us and lean in for kisses... most of the time his mouth is open, but it's just as sweet even if it's slobbery. He is ALL boy - that's for sure... and climbing is a new game for him - I'll frequently be found getting him off of the top of the toy box, fireplace hearth, or anywhere else he can get a little height. He's taken to climbing on and off the couch and his little chair in the living room - it's sort of cute when he takes his drink and sits in the chair to drink. His smile and little dimple on the one side just lights up my heart - you can't help but smile back and feel like the whole world is just fine again. It's an incredible privilege to be his Mommy and watch him grow up right before my eyes - which is happening WAY too fast.

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  1. A great post! Your husband sounds like a wonderful guy and little James is just too cute!!


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