Friday, October 7, 2011


My little men have so much fun climbing the stairs these days - I let them try going up at nap times, bath time, and bed time. Tyler is still working on it, but James pretty much has it down. He actually now is trying to work on going back down... which freaks me out because it's harder to be in a position to keep him from falling going back down the stairs.

I decided yesterday to take some pictures of these little stinkers going up the stairs from both angles... it was fun... and here is some of what I got.

Aren't they funny? It's fun to watch them climb and get so excited about it. Of course it leads to them climbing on things they aren't supposed to in our living room too - but we're working on that too.

In other news:

My October display in my entry way is done...

Pumpkins, Corn, some fall leaves, and naturally fall peanut M&M's. I'm having so much fun changing these out every month!

We are heading to the pumpkin patch tomorrow for some fun, and I hope some great pictures too - it'll be nice to get outside for a bit and compare the photos to last year. The boys have gotten so big in just 1 year's time... it's scary how quickly it all changes.

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