Thursday, October 6, 2011

How Do You Do It?

I get this question A LOT when we are out and about with the boys. I've pondered many answers from the truthful to the snarky, and it all comes back to 1 thing for me.

It's all I've ever known as a parent. I've only really ever known having two babies really close in age. We found out that I was pregnant the same day we signed the papers on James' adoption - so literally, from the moment we became parents... we knew another was on the way.

Is it a struggle, absolutely. Does it bring me to my knees a lot of the time, definitely. Do I somewhere within me find the strength to keep going and going and going, for sure.

Having a baby is exhausting, having two is downright insanity. The diapers, bottles, baby food, and energy needed for them both is incredible... but when you look into their sweet little faces - what choice do you have? They need you. You need them. It's an endless process born out of love and they need you to keep going everyday.

I do get down from time to time - I'll need a nap or I'll get sick, and it gets much harder to take care of both of them at the same time... but still they deserve everything I have to give. On the days that I get to the end of my nerve and ability to deal with two toddlers... I might lose my cool, but then I feel guilty for not giving them the best that I can.

Maybe every mother feels that way, I don't know - I've never had 1 baby pushing my buttons... I have two of the cutest little monsters you've ever seen doing it to me on a constant basis. One thing is for sure, by bedtime - I've run out of every bit of energy I had... which isn't saying much. Those two wear me out... but in a good way.

So, when people ask me... all I can think is "what choice do I have?" It's hard today, but every day they learn something new that leads them toward the path of independence and being able to do things for themselves... which makes things a little bit easier and harder at the same time. (I may or may not need to super glue the entertainment center cabinets shut) Eventually though, they will be through all of these learning stages and go out in to the world on their own... which makes me sad already... it will happen in the blink of an eye.

Again, what choice do I have? That day is coming - faster than most of us realize, and it's up to John and I to get them ready to face all that the world will throw at them. It's a huge responsibility, but when you see your child successfully do anything - whether it be a new toy that they've mastered or watching them take over Wall Street... you are incredibly proud.

Those moments of pride watching them soar and succeed - THAT is how I do it.


  1. I love your answer, but the truth is, not every parent feels the way you do. To me, that makes you EXCEPTIONAL. :) There are so many who let the world raise their kids...

  2. I love this. When I get overwhelmed and frustrated, I just think of what a blessing our daughter is. some days are easier than others. You are just an extra lucky momma!


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