Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Decor

I thought it would be fun to show you how we decked our halls this year... I kept it fairly simple because of the little hands that can grab things and break them. I tried to not put out the more precious breakable items. Here is our little tour de Christmas... 

Our main Christmas tree - in the dining room - FAR from little hands.

I picked these up at Hobby Lobby this year - pretty and glittery

Another set of new glittery snowmen... LOVE them!

I like to buy things in 4's, but they only had 1 of these - and I needed it anyway.

Picked these up at JC Penny - got a Tyler, James, Mom & Dad

My plan is to buy a new ornament each year for the boys - and when they move out - they can take some or all of them.

More Hobby Lobby finds... LOVE blue, silver, and glittery

 Got these last year at Walmart, still really love them.

Got these online last year from Bronners - aren't they sweet?

One for each of my little men - I'm weird about hanging them at the same height on the tree too.

Our little family "mantel" ornament - also from Bronners... so cute!

I also love these - they were a wedding favor from John's cousin who got married 2 years ago.

My entry way jars with their December decorations

Our stockings - I ordered them last year. I also got a blank one for when #3 comes along!

The mini tree on top of our mantel - this one the boys enjoy looking at all day.

Our entire fireplace all decorated

The ornament wreath that I made, as inspired by Pinterest. 
I'm writing a post on how I did it for tomorrow.

A little piece of home out in front of the house. 

Our Santa & Rudolph 

The house all lit up for Christmas. 

We alternated red & white lights for a candy cane theme.

James' ornament that his teacher at school made

Tyler's ornament from school

So many things out this year that I love. Still some that I didn't put out - but there is love in every bit of it. Naturally, my favorite new decorations would have to be the ones the boys' school made. So cute, personal, and totally unexpected. I can't wait to pull them out every year - and smile at the memories from this year... and eventually hear the boys talk about how silly they looked. <wink> 

Coming up - I'll tell you about my 1st Pinterest project the ornament wreath... then I'll tell you about the cookies we made inspired by Pinterest... and finally some gifts that I made that were Pinterest inspired as well.