Friday, December 16, 2011

Ornament Wreath

I apparently didn't get any photos of this in progress, but I can give you detailed instructions on how I made it instead.

I set out to make exactly what was on Pinterest, but when I got my clothes hanger out - it just didn't seem big enough for our front door. I wanted something to decorate the front door, and thought that this would be perfect because I used cheaper ornaments - so if something happened to it with the weather - I might not feel as bad as if I purchased a more expensive premade version.

John and I talked about other options, and he went to Lowe's and bought a spool of 9 gauge wire - then cut it for me to make the wreath.

I bought the ornaments from Hobby Lobby - and just as a PSA - make sure that you buy the ornaments with the wire fixtures at the end - half of mine were plastic and had to be drilled out to fit on to the thicker wire. You can choose any color, size, or shape you like - I made sure to get shatterproof (aka Plastic) ornaments for mine just in case it fell off the door because of the wind we have around here.

The ornaments I chose - I used 16 of the larger red glitter balls, 4 packages of the multi-sized candy cane balls, and only about 6 of the small red balls. I got it all at 50% off - so it wasn't too expensive in total.

Once you are ready, take all of your ornaments and hot glue the fixtures to the ornament itself. I took my hot glue gun and went around the entire end of the ornament. Thus enclosing the entire portion that could come apart in hot glue. This will prevent the ball from popping off when you are stringing them on the wire.

When they are all glued and cool - start alternating the different sizes and colors that you have chosen for your wreath. You might want to think through what you have and plan the pattern that you are going to use. I ended up having to go back for more ornaments, but I am so thrilled with the end result that it didn't matter.

Choose your ribbon and either make your bow or you can buy one - like I did. I happened to find the perfect bow at Lowe's when we were there getting our outdoor decorations and wire.

Once I got finished stringing the ornaments on the wreath, John cut the extra wire and fastened the wreath together with an enclosure we bought at Lowes as well. Both ends of the wire fit through the enclosure and we bent them out opposite ends to keep it in place.

I found that there wasn't enough space between our storm door and the front door to hang it inside for protection - so I used some of those Command Hook products and some additional wire to hang it on the outside of the door.

There you have it - it was super simple and looks FABULOUS! Let me know if you have any questions if you choose to make your own.

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