Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ornament Exchange & Very Bloggy Christmas

Let me preface this by saying that this post might not be up to my normal standards, but I'm in internet jail and it is causing serious technical issues. We've got a repair man coming today to get us straightened out - because I've got sooooo much to share with you guys! 

I participated in two fun exchanges this year... an ornament exchange and a gift exchange as well. The ornament exchange was hosted by a bunch of my twitter buddies, and was a lot of fun. We got to submit some ideas for what we might like on our tree... and my partner Lena, did an amazing job. She sent me an ornament that her 89 year old grandmother made! Such a special treat!

Isn't that the cutest little crown ever? I love it! 

I also joined in a blog swap hosted by my friend, Laura. It was called "A Very Bloggy Christmas" - and we were paired up with another blogger to spend $20 on and send some fun items in the mail. I was paired up with Erin, and I actually sent mine off before the deadline - and sort of forgot about it. Can I just say that she totally got me too?! When this little box arrived - I was so excited.

I opened it up and found this amazing little snowman snow globe and a Starbucks gift card! WAH HOO! A little Starbucks yumminess on vacation is always welcomed! The postal service must have enjoyed the snow globe because it was "on" when it arrived and the battery was dead... hahaha - we'll get a new one and enjoy this little gem through the holiday season.

Thanks to both of these lovely ladies for spreading a little Christmas cheer to one seriously frazzled Momma!


  1. Love it all! Thanks for participating! :)

  2. Haha, who wouldn't love that snow globe? TOO CUTE!

    I'm swinging by from the Bloggy Christmas swap!

  3. That snowglobe is too cute!
    Just found you blog and wanted to tell you that your 2 boys are precious! You have such a great testimony of faith and perseverance- may God continue to bless you and your family.
    I have an 11 month-old and realize what a miracle these babies really are!

  4. what a great crown ornament!!! so meaningful!

  5. What a beautiful ornament!! After I mailed the snow globe I realized I probably should have taken the battery out-- SO SORRY! :( Hope you enjoy the Starbucks too! BTW, blogging now - loved all the treats!!

  6. Visiting from the blog swap - love the snow globe! And the box she sent your gift in was cute too!!

  7. That was a VERY thoughtful ornament! How sweet!


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