Wednesday, December 7, 2011

N is for No

Any toddler Mom will tell you that No is a word they are all too familiar with. I feel like I say it all day - every day. No wonder my kids aren't learning a big vocabulary... all they hear is "no, no James" or "no, no Ty" 9,000 times a day. It gets said in almost every instance... in the car - shoes are being taken off, I say no. At meal times - food or utensils go flying, I say no. During play time, it gets said in many different instances. Please, don't even get me started on the computer... they think my laptop is a toy that is all theirs! Even as I tried to post this - I found that James had disabled my wireless connection! Oiy!

It is also currently being used in relation to the Christmas stockings too - because Lord knows, they think those must come down and be tampered with! This is one major reason we put the Christmas tree in the dining room - can you imagine? It wouldn't fit in the living room - but I'm actually happy about that - because I would make myself nuts!

I am blessed with two very curious, adventurous, climbing, rowdy boys - who pretty much will try anything to get whatever it is that they want to do. Even if that means climbing on top of the toy boys to get something up high... or standing in a chair.

I'm not sure how long it will be before I can start using some of my other vocabulary words again - but lets hope that I don't forget them in the mean time!

James has started repeating it back - which I know one day he will say it in defiance and I'll just about come unglued. Then when Tyler starts up - I may just become certifiable. The toddler years are just a season in the parenting cycle... and I know I'll miss them when they're over... but I'm not sure that I'll miss having to repeat "no" so many times!

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