Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wish I Knew

There are some things in this journey of parenting that I wish I had known, and been prepared for. Things that I think some people might be better at juggling than others are... things that in combination with a cross-country move... can be very isolating.

I remember when my Dad & Lynne adopted my brother, Josh, (9) and my sister, Gabby, (8) - I had no true concept about. About the time that the kids came along - it became very difficult to get a phone call in to Lynne... and even when you did - it often would be cut short by a couple of little people needing various things. You'd have to catch her during nap time or while the kids were at school... and during that time I was working - so it was next to impossible to make that happen.

I didn't realize that having babies/toddlers can be truly one of the most isolating things there is. It is a season of life, for sure... but it's a long and lonely season at times. You are pretty much in a crazy maze of feedings, diaper changes, bottle washing, napping, bathing, and playing. Life is consumed by these gorgeous little miracles - and it's easy to forget the person you were before they came along.

Add to that moving away from your family and friends... and becoming a stay at home mother - and you've got a recipe for some long days. I desperately miss some of my friends both physical and virtual from the days before the boys came along. The church family we had - that prayed with us through our infertility, adoption and pregnancy... are deeply missed.

The friends that picked me up and carried me when I couldn't bear the burden of my emotions and struggles - once again are deeply missed. Having adult conversation - can be deeply missed when you're in the land of folks that don't speak English yet.

Please don't hear - poor little me... because that isn't what I'm saying at all. I am very blessed to have two amazing boys that I prayed for throughout the first 8 years of my marriage. I am blessed to be at home with them watching each developing skill and personality trait that they have. I am blessed beyond measure to have a husband & partner that is an amazing father.

What I'm saying is that the people that I spent time with before the boys came along are deeply missed - both in the time that we'd spend shopping, laughing, and hanging out - or communicating online... you all have a special place in my heart, and the parenting combined with the distance makes me miss you all that much more.

I have also missed blogging regularly... which has lead to some of my favorite readers to probably move on... but my resolution for the New Year is to blog daily Monday through Friday at the very least. Maybe I should jump off and do another one of those blogging 365 challenges like I did in 2008... I think making it a habit was the most beneficial both to those reading, but also feeding my love of writing.

So, most loved and trusted friends & readers... what would you want to hear more about with a regular posting plan? Topics that I haven't talked about in a while? Things I've never talked about?

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