Wednesday, December 21, 2011

O is for Opposites

From the very beginning we knew that our boys were opposites in almost every way... COMPLETE opposites. It has been almost comical.

Where James was loud and fussy as a baby - Tyler was quiet and reserved.

Where Tyler was laid back and relaxed - James was demonstrative and let you know when he didn't like something.

Where James' fussiness was brought on by reflux and milk intolerance - Tyler had issues with a SEVERE gag reflex... and to this day - I swear John and I have been vomited on enough to have 6 children thanks to Tyler.

Where James took a little extra time to master a milestone before truly beginning it (like walking) - Tyler took to it early and stumbled through the early phases of it.

Where Tyler likes to cuddle - James only does it on his terms.

Where James wouldn't allow anyone to rock him to sleep - Tyler did it until he was about 13 months old. Even still, he loves to cuddle - he just won't fall asleep like that anymore.

Where Tyler likes to bring you a book to read - James would rather sit on the floor and flip through it himself.

Where James likes to play outside - Tyler wasn't as big on going outside until recently.

Where Tyler likes to take an actual shower from time to time - James HATES having water pouring over his head.

Where James loved to go swimming from about 6 months old on - Tyler didn't learn to appreciate it until his 1st birthday... with a LOT of training in the backyard before hand.

It's an amazing journey of learning to parent each child differently to their strengths and weaknesses. In the early days and months - I remember thinking: "I did this with James... so it should work." Only to find that it in fact DID NOT! There are so many things about parenthood that people don't tell you - some I think are because if it was widely shared with people... our population might cease growing any larger. Other things, I think just vary so much from family to family and/or child to child - you just can't predict what can/will happen and what won't.

It's all a great big guessing game of trial and error - all with the hope that you will parent well enough that they become good citizens with a caring spirit and a gentle heart. It is an amazing adventure that can not be truly explained or shared until such a time as you can sit back, laugh and say - "yep, it's a crazy wild ride."


  1. I think God does that so we stay in prayer.

    Mine were different down to the illnesses. My daughter had chronic ear infections until she had tubes put in, my son never had an ear infection but he nearly needed a tonsillectomy because of strep.

  2. Smith and James sound soooo similar!! More power to you my friend. I dont know how you do it all!

    Merry Christmas!


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