Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cookie Boxes

At home in Texas, typically in addition to John's company Christmas party - we'd make some cookie boxes for his coworkers and mine too when I was working. I love baking, and it was always fun to share some Christmas cheer with people that we spent most of our days with. 

This year, there wasn't a big company party so John set off to have a breakfast party for his department - he made sausage & cheese kolaches and sausage balls. We supplied some drinks, and they did a white elephant gift exchange as well.

In addition to that, we made our traditional cookie boxes for about 14 people in his office, and a couple for our neighbors. Thanks to Pinterest, once again, I set off to make some festive things that we'd never had before. I was pleasantly surprised... 3-4 batches of each of the 5 types of cookies - which took us really only 2 days to accomplish... everything looks and tastes great!

The recipes are already online over at Momma Hawk Cooks but here are some direct links to the things we made specifically for these homemade treats.

I hope that everyone enjoyed these as much as we did. It was fun to make them, and to do some baking with John. He did all the rolling of the dough and the engineering of the pinwheels as well as the engineering on the fudge-filled cookies. We even have plenty of the fudge-filled cookies, pinwheel cookies, and the pecan balls to take them with us on our trip. The salty turtles are so easy that I bought supplies to make them once we get there too - it took us all of about 10 minutes to get those made, and they are truly delicious! I hope you will try some of these cookie treats, and brighten your holiday!

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  1. I remember your cookies boxes from when I was lucky enough to be a coworker. Those ritz crackers w/ pb and chocolate were AMAZING.


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