Thursday, January 5, 2012

Forever Friends

So many of you fall into the Forever Friends category for me - and will soon be getting let in on a little New Years goal of mine - once I get it organized this week. Trying to get caught up on this blogging deal and then will be jumping off on that one.

While I was gone though - I had an opportunity for a girls night out. I met two of the greatest friends in the world for some yummy Cheesecake Factory food and hilarious girl talk. You know those friends that you don't talk to regularly or see often... but when you do - it's like no time has passed at all? Those are the ladies I was with!

We had a fabulous time - even after I drove around the mall for 45 minutes trying to get a parking spot because the valet was closed. Finally, it reopened and I was able to valet to get inside the building. It was insanity though - I had like 3 parking spots stolen from me!

We laughed, giggled, talked, and ate for about 3 hours - and I left feeling totally refreshed. I miss those girls like crazy, but we made a standing date for every trip back to Houston. We may change the restaurant - but the get together will happen!

Before I moved we had the same girls night out - including one other very special friend who was out of town this time... but the 4 of us WILL get back to this routine on my next trip. We will plan it before I even arrive next time.

Do you have good girl friends like that? I felt very blessed for their friendship and understanding of what it's like to move, have toddlers, and know me well enough to know what I've been going through without me having to articulate it.

May 2012 be the year you foster friendships like this - and intensify their bond in your life. No time like the present to put the focus in your life one the people that will be there for you no matter what! I will fill you in on my friendship New Years Goal as soon as I get it started and flushed out - give me about a week, and you'll know the details!


  1. I have a few friends like that. So nice you got to spend some time together!

  2. Love ya' girl! We need to figure our weekly phone/skype too!

  3. Definitely have girl friends like that. Distance can sometimes take a toll on friendships, but luckily the ones that have meant the most to me are still there! I'm so glad you have that also!

  4. You will find your true friends when you are miles away:)

  5. 1. love your blog layout! very fun!
    2. cute family!
    3. my goal for 2012 is to be a "real life" friend to my friends - i can talk the talk on facebook about getting together and such but then never do it....facebook can make a girl lazy with this! LOL
    4. i can get really down by things like twitter and facebook and such because i often feel i give and give and no one comments or gives back and it makes a person feel like a loser. i will leave a comment on a blog and get no reply. its weird how you can start to take that stuff know?!

    anyway, cute post and im totallyyyyy working on my friendships this year!!!


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