Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas #1

In these parts, we have somewhere between 3 and 4 different Christmas celebrations when all is said and done. One with each set of grandparents... and one with just the 4 of us. Well, on the 18th... we spent the day with my Mom. The boys had a blast - and it was fun to watch them enjoying their day with Nana. Here are some pictures of my little cuties!

Tyler riding his 4-wheeler

James riding the lawn mower with Nana

Tyler riding the lawn mower with Nana

Chillaxin in the lawn chair

Tyler on the giant boot

The boys loved splashing around in the hot tub - they splashed each other, and all of us... but James decided to "wash" his hair too. He's been helping while in the tub with washing his hair - but this was hysterical.

My sweet little "Bubba" - he had the best time the whole trip!

Tyler will tolerate the swings... but isn't a big fan.

Walking with Nana and Berkeley

James LOVES the park - he had a blast sliding.

Tyler liked the smaller slide, but went on this one with Berkeley and got scared

James thinks swinging ROCKS!

More walking and exploring

Close up of my littlest man

One last slide for the road

A good time was had by all, and it was a great kick off to a very good vacation with lots of family and friends!

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