Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Goals and Transitions

I have every intention of posting every week day of this year - if I can swing some weekend posts - I'm going to go for that too. Here is my attempt at day 1 - even if it is 4 days late.

I've got so much to catch up on... so bare with me for a couple of days. We've had 3 Christmas celebrations since I last posted - so lots of photos heading your way. I'm going to try my hand at doing some collages if I can manage to get the time to do them.

In the meantime, I've set up my New Years Goals... and gave myself a pass to get them started once we got home and settled in from our trip. We've been gone for two weeks and there has been some reprogramming of a baby that needed to be done from the travel.

Tyler can not stand his pack n play... and ended up having some sleep troubles over the two week trip - so we're in the process of getting him back to normal. We've rocked him to sleep and put him in his crib, but he's woken up several times throughout the night the last two nights.

This morning we made some good progress though - he woke up crying when I was making John's breakfast and lunch for today - by the time I was finished, he had gone back to sleep. That was the first time he's self-soothed in a couple of weeks. He then proceeded to sleep until 9!

I put them down for naps, and Tyler wasn't really falling asleep... he was playing with my hair. So I put him in his bed, turned on his musical animals... and left the room. He cried for a little bit, but has been asleep now for almost 2 hours. He is in a big sleep deficit and needs these naps in a BIG way. I've just got to get him to a place where he doesn't freak out when we put him down... and where he can soothe himself back to sleep in the night.

Another issue is that we started using the projection on our sound machines while we were gone, and I think James loves it...but I'm not so sure about Tyler. It makes his room brighter - so I'm wondering if it is causing some of the waking up that we've experienced.

In addition to the adjusting back to life at home... we've also gone from 3 bottles a day for the boys to 1. I didn't want to go completely cold turkey - and clearly it's warranted because right now the best serving of milk they take in is the bottle before bedtime... but it's time to get them to drinking from cups only. James should have done it a while ago - but we're very in to having everything our brother has.

I talked through this with the pediatrician and she thinks that we'll face lots of milestones like this - James a bit late and Tyler a bit early. That way they can do it all together and no one is jealous. Things are going well with it though - they aren't drinking as much, but they're not complaining either.

That's about it for right now - I'm dealing with some health insurance issues today - so I'm off to make some more phone calls... it's always something.

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