Monday, January 9, 2012

Not My Own

All great intentions are well and good... but when you have children... your life is no longer your own most of the time. I was planning last night on jumping in on the Photo 365 deal that some of my bloggy friends are doing this year - and I still plan on getting around to that - but life took a different turn for me last night.

Almost immediately after putting Tyler down for bed - he started coughing excessively. He was waking himself up, tossing and turning, and it was clear that sleeping in his own bed wasn't going to be an option. So we quickly brought him downstairs and held him so that each of us could get something to eat and get ready for bed.

During that time he continued coughing continually - and even made himself throw up. Poor baby. So got cleaned up and went to bed. He was just restless and had a lot of trouble sleeping - so we moved around a lot and even ended up the two of us spending a good portion of the night sitting in the lazy boy chair in the living room so that he'd be propped up enough to have the junk drain instead of getting caught in his nose and throat.

I called the doctor this morning and they wanted us to come in because there is so much pneumonia and RSV going around right now. Can I just say that it's a little unnerving for me to be a walking spectacle - I mean literally the whole waiting room was watching us the entire time. Asking questions about the boys... the whole bit. It's been 21 months since we became a walking freak show (newborn and visibly pregnant Momma or two boys that look like they might be twins, but not quite) - and I still haven't gotten used to it.

We went in, and while we were waiting in the exam room waiting - the boys were playing - and Tyler took one of his classic swan dive falls. Hello, goose egg! It was a dozy too - the doctor came in not long after that and immediately checked out his little head and ordered x-rays of his head.

2 hours, 2 babies examined, 1 blood draw, and a set of head x-rays later... we headed off for the pharmacy. Our official diagnosis is that Tyler has a sinus infection now on top of his allergies... and James is fine. There is a chance James could catch the crud, but for now - he's alright.

We dropped off his prescription and while we were waiting for it to be filled, I knew Tyler had fallen asleep as he often does in the car when he is that level of tired... I decided to roll with it and keep driving. We went to get a Starbucks for me to calm my nerves and hopefully give me a boost to get through the rest of the day... and by the time we made the loop back around to the pharmacy - his medicine was ready.

All of this only 2 days after seeing the same doctor with Tyler and being put on two new allergy medicines... so he's now on an antibiotic, Allegra, and Flonase. My poor little men. This weekend has been insanity - we had John sick, James with what I *think* would be his 2 year molars coming in, and Tyler with all of this mess... I'm one worn out Momma. So with that, I think I'm going to go find my long lost pillow and reintroduce myself.

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