Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Photo 365 - 1

I've decided to join the Project 365 (366 for this year though) that my friend Laura is hosting. I'll likely only post my photos for the day once a week for her link-up... and just collect them as I go.

For day 1 of the year, this photo just makes my heart melt. This is James cuddling with my brother in law, Kevin. We went through our greatest moments of the year the night before - and Kevin actually mentioned James & Tyler coming up to him as one of his. The boys have 3 great uncles, but I know that Kevin is ready to teach them all the manly things like hunting, camping, and things that Momma doesn't want or need to know about.

The second day of 2010 - we spent traveling. Literally 10 hours of driving... so here is a photo of my sweet little men in a brief nap.

The 3rd day we worked on getting some things around the house settled back in after being gone for 2 weeks, but John made me this with my new Keurig machine... and it was such a lovely treat!

Day 4, I was unpacking some gifts, and came across this one that my sister made for us. It goes down as my favorite Christmas ornament addition of 2011!

Day 5, with the boys back at their first day of school - I was able to clean up the toys and actually have the living room look like this for a good couple of hours until they got home. The first thing they do every time is pull everything off the book shelves!

Day 6, my happy little man! James has really gotten to such a great stage - he didn't skip a beat on his naps or bed time throughout our traveling... and is just so happy and smiley most of the time when he is awake. If you just happen to make eye contact with him - this is exactly the bright happy smile you will get in return. Unless he is sleepy - then you will get a glimpse of him blowing you a kiss.

The 7th day of the year brought us to the doctor's office for Tyler to get checked out and get his second flu shot. We left with two prescriptions for allergy medicine for my tiny man, and since I'm running late on getting this post done because of his illness - we would be back 2 days later for antibiotics for a sinus infection as well.

It's not too late to join in on the fun!!


  1. So cute! Your boys are so adorable.

  2. Glad you are participating! I love your first week of photos. :)


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