Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Whoa Baby!

Got your attention with that title, didn't I? I can't help it - I'm more than a little excited about the deal I just got on Groupon. I wish I could have gotten more!

The deal for the day in Memphis was a $60 - 1 hour massage... down the street from my house for $29! Since it was my first purchase since signing up - I actually only paid $9! What, What? Can I get a shout out?!

$60 for a massage is actually fairly reasonable too - so the full price could be an option for gifts (Anniversary, Mother's Day, Birthday... whatever, yo) if I like the place and enjoy the massage.

I felt that I had to share this information with you, just on the off chance that you are missing out on the great offers in your own city. They've got Groupon sites for tons of locations - so you should click this Groupon link to find out if you're missing out!

Back later with more family photos and all that fun stuff.

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