Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I just remembered a story from the holiday trip that I still giggle about and have to share with you. On New Years Eve, in order to help all of us stay awake - or those that were willing to ring in the New Year together - we played the game Catch Phrase.

Have you played this? It's like a game show (I think with the same name) that used to be on - where you have a word you need your team to guess, but you can't use that word to give them clues.

Anyway - my niece and I were on the same time - she's 14 and I'm 33... and I'd never really noticed the age difference until we had clues like: Smokey the Bear, Rain Man, and Liberace. For the record - lets also call her "Country Mouse" and me "City Mouse"

Toward the later part of the evening... I got the clue "Barn" - and this is the insanity that came from that:

Me: It's in the country... you put your animals in it...
Me: <through laughter and tears> It's a building...

We lost that round... but forever have a story... and if she wasn't a hunter - I'd be seriously frightened. Then it struck again:

The word I had was "Morning"

Me: It's not night... It's....
Me: <shaking head> No... It's not evening... it's....

Hilarious - I tell you. My sister and I laughed so hard... I mean on some of these things age is everything - like Rain Man - all I would have needed to say to her would be "30 minutes to Wapner!"

We are a cut throat group of folks though - I mean games get serious and competition is fierce. How does your family play? Or are you not board game folks?

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