Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project 366 - Week 7

Here we are 7 weeks into the year... CRAZY! I can't even remember where the time goes, I mean really... each day seems so long and then the weeks seem to fly by.

February 12 - While waiting for his breakfast last Sunday morning, James decided he needed to do a little "work" on his laptop - this just cracked me up and I had to share. He loves this little laptop and the batteries were dead for a few weeks... so he just got it back working again, and it's a renewed love that he feels for this toy. 

February 13 - We had a Valentine's play group party with our MOPS friends - they had a bouncy house that James enjoyed far too much... and Tyler found this workbench that he fell in love with. It's funny how different their personalities are - James is rough and wants to be thrown around while Tyler is more gentle and just wants to play nice or snuggle.

February 14 - We had a quiet day at home for our Valentine's Day. We stayed in our pajamas and just relaxed. Everyone in the family got some form of candy and the boys also got a new toy. It was a small little beanie ball - that neither of them have paid any attention to - but Momma tried. 

February 15 - We had MOPS on Wednesday morning. It's a big rush to get them home afterwards to eat lunch and take naps. The meeting is over at noon - and we're normally napping at that time - so I have to drive home (about 30-45 minutes) with my hand in the backseat in Tyler's face. James won't fall asleep in the car... but Tyler will and then decides that is enough nap for the day. He actually did fall asleep on the way home, ate and then took a good long nap - so it was a pleasant surprise.

February 16 - This was school picture day!! Momma is so excited to see how they turn out - their teacher Ms. Sheri said that they did really well, but I have to wait until the proofs are back. It was also my Dad & stepmom, Lynne's 22nd anniversary. So we took this photo of us on the way to school to send to them as part of their happy anniversary wishes.

February 17 - We took another pajama day on Friday because other than Tuesday - we had been out and about everyday this week so I thought that they boys just needed a day to play and try to get as much rest as possible. James has been having some trouble getting to bed at night this week - so I was hoping to help him get some good nap time in.

I love these matching PJ's that John's parents gave the boys for Christmas... they're so adorable in their dinosaur pajamas. 

February 18 - Let me start this photo's explanation by saying that I'm a HUGE wimp and decided that instead of getting a baby sitter for our 10th Wedding Anniversary celebration... maybe we'd take the boys to Benihana to enjoy watching the chef cook. They enjoyed the experience and loved the food - I'm so happy because this truly is a life long favorite of mine... and I'm thrilled to be able to see it through the eyes of my kids. This particular chef didn't play up to the kids as much as I'm used to - but we'll find one that does better when we go next time.

Since neither of the boys can talk and we don't have any family here... and lets face it two babies is a lot to deal with for a sitter... I'm just scared to even attempt to find one right now. When they can talk and tell me if they have a good time and like the person - I'll feel better about it. (I hope that makes sense)

So, since our actual anniversary is on Thursday - I'm going to meet John for lunch while the boys are at school. That way we will get to celebrate with our family and then have a little time alone as well. Either way you go, this is WAY better than last year when John was here in Memphis working and the boys and I were in Texas. It's just lovely to be together in whatever form that takes.

I hope you enjoyed looking into our week... and now I'm off to check in on the photos of all the other ladies linking up with us in this project.

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