Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Station Break

I've had every intention of posting recipes galore on Momma Hawk Cooks this week after our Super Bowl Party... and some other posts prepared for this blog too - the photos from last week, my ABC's of Me post, and a few other things... but here is what happened in reality.

The second (and I do literally mean THE second) that I got all the dishes cleaned up from the party on Sunday evening - I started feeling like I had a head cold. It has progressively gotten worse - and now I can add 2 ear infections on top of that. Ya'll, I'm entirely too old to have ear infections!!

I literally feel like my head looks like this guy...

Thankfully my doctor hooked me up with some drugs that John will be picking up for me on his way home along with the Valentine's for the boys class party tomorrow - nothing like the last minute, right? I mean truthfully - I don't get it - because it's not like they know what's going on. The cookies and extra snack they're doing tomorrow would be plenty for these littles. Ah, well... we don't want to be left out - so we'll do them anyway.

The house still looks relatively good from the weekend party prep - so tomorrow, I might just find myself at home relaxing and trying to recover from this nasty bug that has infected my head. Our sickness issues are ridiculous though folks... it's been one battle after another for quite some time, and I'd love to just be done with it for a while.

The worst thing I can imagine is being sick as a mother - especially a stay at home mother - because you're pretty much on duty no matter what - and when your head is pounding at the same time that your children decide to fight over the same toy for the 90th time that morning... you really do just want to start drinking the pain away immediately. (or eating it away... depending on your vice) For some it's a box of wine and for others a bag of Oreos. I fall into the chocolate category... but I am trying to keep my grubby paws out of the sweets.

I know that the doctor didn't order a Z-Pack... (oh, how I wish he had) but hopefully he's gotten me something that will knock this into submission quickly - because Momma has some things to get done!

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