Friday, February 3, 2012

Chronos & Kairos - Week 3

I forgot the photo last week with the "logo" for this series... my apologies. I'm still trying to get back in the groove with this whole blogging thing again. I'm going to ask for some help to get you guys an html version of this photo to use if you want to link up with me.

Remember that the premise is that there are Chronos moments that happen during the week - the tough times that happen in real time - the times that you might want to crawl in a hole and disappear. Or hide in your closet with a box of chocolate - or in some cases a box of wine.

Karios moments are God moments. Those times when things stand still a bit and you just see the beauty that is there in front of you. Those moments when you find yourself in awe of your surroundings and/or family. It doesn't have to be your children causing these moments - it could be anything. As women we are constantly juggling so many things... so for me its nice to sit down once a week and look for the beauty within those crazy days.

Chronos Moments:

* The 12th time James hunched himself down in the Target cart during our short shopping trip - he literally would push himself off the seat (we used the double seater) and almost hang there until I set him back on the seat.
* Picking up food that liters the floor after every baby meal - if they're finished or just don't want the offering for that meal - they end up throwing it all over the floor
* Going to MOPS and having my typically happy smiling boy literally clawing back to try to get away from his teachers
* Not knowing for sure if our boy is getting those dreaded 2 year molars or not - he does seem okay while distracted and only gets bad when he is tired or going to bed
* Spending 5 hours yesterday cleaning for our Super Bowl Party and not feeling like I made any true progress toward getting the house really clean

Kitchen 1

Kitchen 2

Living Room 1

Living Room 2

* Having my arm/shoulder pain coming back with a vengeance - looks like I'm going to be going back to the doctor. I just wish the folks here in Memphis could refer me on to the orthopedic doctor to get some help
* Finding that the boys' need to climb on the coffee table and toy box is back and more intense than ever

* Tyler getting goose egg numbers 3 & 4... seriously we've got to get this kid bruise free for his school pictures in 2 weeks!!

Kairos Moments:

* Extra snuggle time with each of the boys this week - they have both needed a bit more attention and hugs than normal
* Planning the menu for our Super Bowl Party - lots of yumminess coming your way on the Momma Hawk Cooks recipe blog in the near future.
* Spending yesterday serving my family by working on getting our home clean
* Walking down the stairs with James - passing by my wedding photo and having him point and say "Momma" - if only he could point to ME and say that :-)
* Hearing James learning new words - we're now saying: tacta (tractor), si dow (sit down), and shoooooe (shoe)
* The giggle I get when James says shoe, knowing that when that word comes out of his mouth - he's spotted a pair of shoes and you'd better be prepared to immediately take him outside to play or to the car to go somewhere
* Registering the boys for MDO for the summer and next fall - 2 days a week in the fall for my men!!
* Having James walk into MDO without any tears even though he's not feeling his best - he was clingy with Mrs. Sheri, but he had a good day overall
* Feeling extra blessed that we were able to find such a great group of ladies to take care of the boys for me while I get a little break
* Having baby fever - even in the midst of the daily trials of being a toddler mom.
* Watching my boys sleep in this morning while I write this post in peace & quiet!!

What are your moments from this week?


  1. Hi, new follower here! I saw your blog link on ILYMTC and came over to check it out. I also had weight loss surgery in 2007 and am a new mom to a 16 month old, born October 2010....

    Cant wait to read more of your blog!


  2. what a great idea Kim and I love how you incorporated Jesus into it!! love love! OMG I wish my house looked that clean lol! Looks awesome to me! So what are you preparing for Super Bowl?? What team are you rooting for? Hope you can find a Dr in the area and get some pain relief and hope Tyler can go gooseegg free for pics...I swear everytime we would schedule pics like the day before you could bank on it that Kelcee would bump her head lol....bless her ha!


  3. Ahh yes, throwing food all over the floor is OUR new favorite thing. ;) It's a blast.


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