Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Crafty & Easy

The boys and I went to our MOPS group meeting for this week, and it was a craft day - they periodically do craft projects with the Moms that are quick and easy. We've made flower pins, Resurrection Eggs for our kids, some decorated blocks, and these frames.

I posted this photo on Twitter and got such a response that I thought I'd take a post here to tell you guys how we did it - this is a VERY simple version that can be customized in so many different ways. For this version you will need:

1 of these wooden frames from Michael's (they said they cost $1)
modge podge (my preference is glossy, but we used matte for these)
scrapbook paper of your choice
1 sheet of sanding paper

- Unwrap your frame and remove the paper from the middle
- Trace the outside of the frame and the middle opening
- Cut the paper
- Paint the top of your frame with modge podge and lay the paper on top - it is okay if it hangs over the edges a little bit
- Let the paper dry
- Fold any over hanging edges down over the wooden edges

- Take your sanding paper and sand off the excess paper until the edges on the outside of the frame are smooth, and do the same for the inside edges as well
- Paint the modge podge over the scrapbook paper and the edges of your frame to seal the paper
- Allow it to dry once again, and you're ready to put in a photo and enjoy your craft
- You can use the insert piece as a template for cutting your photo

Now, there are so many other things you could do... you could:
* Staple ribbon to the back for hanging
* Add embellishments to your frame on top of the paper before you seal it with the modge podge
* Paint the front & back of the frame with a coordinating color from your paper choice before putting the paper on the frame
* You could let your kids decorate the frame with paint/stickers/or anything else, and seal it to give as a gift to a parent or grandparent
* You could use off set hand prints and seal the frame to give as a gift as well

There are just about a million things you could do to personalize these and make them your own. I highly recommend this for anyone that wants something personal and unique to give as gifts... they'd be great: baby gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Father's Day gifts, Grandparent's Day gifts, teacher gifts, hostess gifts, you name it and you could probably apply it as a perfect gift!

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