Thursday, June 21, 2012


My computer is still sick with a virus, so posting isn't very easy. Hopefully it will be fixed this weekend - and things will get a little easier. Basically right now, if I type too fast for this little crazy machine - it freaks out and starts putting gibberish on the screen. Good times.

This morning, I woke up to read about a friend of a friend who lost their 18 month old daughter yesterday to a piece of furniture falling on her. This hits so close to home because I've got two toddlers as you know - but both are boys - boys who love to climb on anything! Tyler likes to give me a daily heart attack trying to climb up our bookshelf for more books.

It's time to make sure that everything that has a high center of gravity is bolted to the wall. I know that I can't watch them every second of the day -which means that I need some peace of mind when I need to run to the potty by myself or get them another cup of juice.

Please take extra precautions with your own families. I can't imagine going through this type of tragedy, and I would hate to hear about anyone else going through it. I spoke with a friend this morning who works at our local children's hospital and it seems to be a fairly common thing... so please, PLEASE protect your kids.

I feel a bit guilty because at the very time that this family was losing their daughter - I was complaining about a temper tantrum being thrown in my living room. I can only imagine this mother giving anything in the world to be dealing with a temper tantrum right now... and that breaks my heart.

I love my kids more than I could even put into words, but the motherhood gig is hard work - it can bring you to the very limits of your sanity and exhaust you in ways I could never have imagined before I had these two crazy boys.

The 8 years that I waited before having children, I used to roll my eyes and want to throat punch mother's who complained about their kids. Thinking how I'd give up so much to be in their shoes... and I am... sometimes I wonder if I'm grateful enough. Other times, I know that I am overjoyed to be a mother - even while being completely exhausted and out of my mind with toddler irrationality.

In spite of all the crazy antics that we go through on a daily basis - I hope that I never have to go through something like this poor family is going through right now. I pray that God hold them and give them the necessary grace to heal... the peace to be able to try to keep moving through their daily lives... and the earthly support that they will need for a long time to come.


  1. OH NO. That is so horrible about your friends daughter. I want to wrap my kids up in bubble wrap if I Could!

  2. That is such a tragic story...

    I found your blog through Jenna's commenting challenge. We also have kids through birth and adoption and have a set of artificial twins (like you) and a set of artificial triplets. I remember well when our set were toddlers. It was so busy! They were so busy! I wanted to let you know that I noticed a huge change once they turned 3. It was like I could breathe again. They were less into mischief and able to do things like dress themselves. It was such a change! You're getting close!


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