Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blog Swap - College Football Style!

Most of us have participated in or heard about a blog swap before - they are fairly popular during the holiday season with Christmas Ornaments or things of that nature. I've done a couple of ornament swaps, and I did a "my favorite things" one last year - great experiences each time.

So, I thought why not celebrate something else that happens in the Fall with a blog swap? I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a huge football fan, but I thought it might be fun to swap teams... now, no one get crazy - I'm not suggesting that you are sent items from another team...

I'm suggesting that you sign up here... I will match you with another person and you buy them a few things from the team they like. There are so many products out there for each team (at least the division 1 teams) that I think it could be fun.

I'm proposing that we spend less than $20 and see what you get... maybe there is some new candy dedicated to the Hogs, maybe some cute socks that look like Big Al, maybe you want to get something for your partner's kids - a toy that looks like the mascot perhaps? The sky is the limit and creativity is your friend. I'll even bet that if time is short, you could likely take care of it via Amazon... but you can likely find cuter items elsewhere - so have fun with it!

My promise to you? I will not match you up with a rival - so no Auburn fans will be matched with Alabama... no Aggies matched with t.u. or Tech (even though our rivals are now different)... and so on. That way, you won't have to get divorce lawyers on the phone at home... or go into convulsions over buying something you are so set against.

I'd like to choose partners at the beginning of August, and have everything shipped off by the 20th so that it arrives to your partner before Labor Day and the big kickoff weekend of new football season.

So in the words of Jerry Maguire -- "Who's with me?"

It would be great if y'all would help get the word out about this too by Tweeting it and posting on your blogs about it too!

All you have to do now is sign up in the comments (having a blog is not required) and I'll take care of the rest - along with reminder emails to help keep us all with the deadlines.

*** Please leave me your Name, Email, and Football Team of choice in your comment.


  1. Kim Hawkins
    kbhawkins00 (AT) gmail (DOT) com
    Texas A&M

  2. Beth

  3. Melissa Bettis
    lissabettis (at) gmail (dot) com
    TCU Horned Frogs

  4. this looks like fun! I'm in!

    Andie Savoie
    LSU Tigers!

  5. Rikki
    Arkansas Razorbacks

  6. Becky Branch
    Beckylbranch AT gmail DOT con

  7., University of Illinios.

  8. Chelsi
    Yarger.Chelsi @
    University of Washington Huskies! Go Dawgs!


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