Friday, September 28, 2012

What You See Is What You Get

My last post struck a chord with some, and while it feels good to know I'm not alone... It stinks that what I feel is a reality instead of my being overly sensitive.

I've been absent from this blog a lot lately, most recently because I've been really ill. Nothing serious or life threatening, but it did take down my entire family after I had it for 2 weeks. I am still working on getting back to 100%.

Partially, that is why I've been absent. I don't strive to tell you that life here is perfect, but when I feel like dirt - I can't even see the humor in some of the crazy antics of my kids/life.

I keep it real here and don't sugar coat it, but if every post is going to be laced with my sickly misery - I'll save you from that.

I've also been stressed about catching up from where I left off, but I'm going to forgive myself of that. There isn't some rule that says I have to catch up, right... My blog, my rules! So, with that said - I will do my best to put something out here as often as possible. My hope would be daily, but reality tells me that may be over extending some for my life right now.

We shall see. My promise is that I'm not done with our story on this little slice of the Internet, so please stick around if you are still here.

I put some photos of my two little sickies in this post, but I am blogging from my phone... So I don't know where they will land. If it works out, I just might become an iPhone blogger because its easier to do that than pull out my laptop with these crazy toddlers!


  1. No bueno, mama. Those heebie jeebies need to be BANNED from the Hawkins home!! It sounds like you're all on the mend. And you're right...your blog, your rules! :)

  2. Kids are looking very cute in the photos...and I am very much agree to you that If you are not alone you usually feel very very happy and blessed in many ways...& I respect your blog rules... :)

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