Thursday, September 13, 2012

Social Media High School

I can't complain about my High School experience - I had a great group of friends. I was involved with some extra curricular activities, and was very social.

Same thing with college. I always had a good group of people to hang out with and was involved in several activities.

Why is it that when it comes to social media, I feel like a total loser? By loser, I mean ignored. I know we all get busy and have lives to lead, but I just feel like I put it out there and get ignored 90% of the time.

My posts do now include my business, and I don't expect a ton of response to those. It's the personal stuff that used to not be ignored that now is... It's upsetting. I used to feel semi connected to these folks that are now ignoring me completely.

Some of these ladies are what I'd have to call social climbers, because their main reason for being on social media is to chat with the more popular bloggers or whatever. They'll go out of their way to chat with them, and try to get their attention - instead of talking with people who are more than willing to communicate with them. This comes along with an amazing ego that I will never understand.

To me it should be a two way street, and while it isn't for me... I feel like it should be. If you open up to me, I am more than happy to open up to you as well.

That was what blogging, FB, and Twitter were for me in the beginning - a way to share struggles and stories. I miss those days now that its more about gaining followers and popularity.

Can't we "graduate" back to being adults that can build friendships and genuine connections?


  1. I listen to you on your blog and Twitter! I know what you mean though. I'm a college age student so sometimes I find "mommy blogs" and it's hard to relate to them and comment but I still find them very interesting. Does that make sense? I completely understand what you are saying though and I'm sorry you feel like that! I know I do sometimes too :(

  2. I've gotten very lax since not being a regular blogger anymore. I have less than 20 blogs in my reader and most, I don't even read - I glance over them. Not yours, of course. The downside of social media is that it really takes the "social" out of the equation. It's a lazy way to have a friendship if you ask me. But I get what you're saying...

  3. I haven't been involved in blogging, twitter etc for too long... I see what your saying and it does seem like a competetive 'world'. It sucks that you are having this experience.

  4. I honestly could not agree with you more. I don't have a blog, but I read many. Sadly they have become fake and just plain obnoxious. I think people that buy into that scenario are terribly fake. I also think you and I both know the blogs we are talking About. If I read one more time about how embarrassed she is but we have to watch her video. No thank you, they have lost a reader, and they are not living in the real world. Could they brag about their kids more? Yes, I could " eat" my 5 kids up as well. A boycott needs to occur....I just can't stand the dishonesty. These are Christian women? I don't think so. Good for you for putting it out there. It sure took guts. I winder what those "perfect" girls think now! Yikes! They need a dose of reality. One mire thing, going blonde to covet up gray! Really? Just call a spade a spade. You wanted to be a blonde!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for being tough! I applaud you!
    The South

  5. Yup you are too much right that as what we usually experience in our general hang outs with the friends is not there when we interact the people through social media platform...Mostly, we are ignored and I just can't get the real reason behind it really..

  6. I have been feeling the same way lately! I have a good but of followers, but when I post, I get two comments! I read and comment on other blogs regularly, so it's like, hello? I don't expect a tit for tat commenting thing, but my "friends" aren't commenting or replying to questioning tweets. Grrr.


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