Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's Fall Ya'll!

Given the irregularity of my posts lately, and the fact that it's been quite some time since I mentioned it... I thought it might be time to talk about something close to my heart again. It might be something different than you might think. This time, it's Scentsy.

Why is it near to my heart? Well, it's changed my life in so many ways in the few short months that I've been involved with this company. I read a post by a fellow consultant today about the misconceptions with direct selling companies... and it was powerful and convicting. You see, the decision for me to join this company changed my life - it has allowed me to step in and pay bills when needed, and provide for some activities for the boys. Beyond that, it has given me something that I can do for me as an outlet for my creative side... and challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone at times -- which has led to incredible growth both with my own business, but also growth in leadership skills as well.

Friends, it's not all about getting the sale or making money... for me it's about so much more. I enjoy sharing products that I truly adore with my friends and family, but I also have been blessed to be able to start a team -- I now have two lovely ladies who have joined in this business with me. The potential for them is incredible, and for me - the joy in seeing them achieve the same success I have is more than rewarding. I love sharing ideas with them of things that have worked for me, but also hearing their ideas as well... it's a give and take. We are all finding our own brand of success, in whatever time and energy we have to devote to it... and that is a beautiful thing. While I am not about the hard sale or high pressure transactions - I am about supporting and rewarding folks. If you think that you'd like to learn more about this opportunity -- I'm here any time to help. Just drop me an email, and I'd be happy to share with you: my experience, the ins and outs of the business opportunity, my personal incentive plan, and my team incentive plan.

I'm hosting a Fall Launch Party to share new products for the season... AND a fundraiser to help support the fight against cancer. A fellow blogger, Kristen, has recently experienced her Father In Law being diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer -- and I'd like to give back. Not only give back in honor of Kristen's family, but in honor of everyone that has fought and won the battle against cancer, and those that have lost. Most of us have been touched by someone in this battle during our lives... and this is a good way to give back. I'm donating a portion of the sales of this particular party to the American Cancer Society in honor of Ger Lawlor and all that have fought cancer... the percentage I'm able to donate is up to you!! I'm starting at 15% of the sales, but if this party reaches $1,000 in sales... I'd give 20% -- higher than $1,500 -- and I'll give 25%! 

Now, I did want to take a couple of minutes to share some other things with you... the new items for this Fall Season. So indulge me while I share with you some of my favorite items... **If you'd like to buy from of of the parties mentioned above -- make sure you click the link at the top of the page to select the party of your choice.

Now available: Sincerely Scent - Scented greeting cards that you can send up to 364 days in advance.. Never forget another birthday, anniversary or other occasion! All you do is purchase credits from me and you'll get access to over 200 cards. You can upload pictures, your own signature and customize away! These have to be purchased directly from me -- so feel free to email me if you're interested in getting some credits! The credits include everything -- card, scent, and postage!! 10 credits for $28.50, 25 credits for $71, and 100 credits for $285. (You could do scented Christmas cards this year with a photo and everything!)

Nothing invites relaxation like immersing yourself in warm, deliciously scented water. Our Bath Tablet makes it simple: Just drop it into your bath and let it lightly fizz to release its fragrance as you soak.

Keep your favorite Scentsy fragrance on hand! Our Hand Soap suds up with scrumptious Scentsy fragrance. Available in 20 different scents, and currently getting ready to star at every sink in my house!

Imagine pulling your laundry out of the dryer, warm and scented with Scentsy! Simply add a Dryer Disk to your dryer and infuse your clothes with scent for up to 15 loads. Available in packs of two. I LOVE these, and James literally sniffs our laundry when it comes out of the dryer for a good long while. It's the cutest thing ever! 

This lightly foaming gel refreshes with amazing Scentsy fragrance and comforts with vitamin B5. The Layers line also comes in: Shower Cream, Body Lotion, Body Butter, Body Spray, Solid Perfume, and Hand Cream -- all of these are available now in 20 different scents!

 It’s pure indulgence: fragrance for your clothes. Add a cap of Washer Whiffs and enhance everything from your towels to your Sunday best with Scentsy fragrance. For best results, use with fragrance-free laundry detergent and add directly to your washer drum. I personally use ALL free along with these whiffs, and have GREAT results!  

All of our great Scentsy Scent products for your home - Bars, Room Sprays, Scent Circles, Scent Packs, Fragrance Foams, and Travel Tins are still available!  New scents have been added to every collection, and now the Fall/Winter Collection has been added!
 Silhouette Collection
Start your own Silhouette Collection with Lili, Linden, or Loom for $40.  Each set includes a warmer wrap and a simple, porcelain Full-Size Scentsy Warmer that allows light to shine through, highlighting the organic patterns created by its metal wrap.  Expand your collection by purchasing additional warmer wraps individually.  One Silhouette wrap included with the purchase of warmer.  Wraps designed to fit over Silhouette Collection warmer only.  Individual wraps available separately for $12.  Warmer may not be purchased separately. Coming soon - some GREAT holiday themed wraps for this amazing warmer!

Between this plug in and the zebra warmer... let your inner animal free! Purr!

Pick the best Pumpkin in the patch! This bewitching warmer has a glossy, reactive glaze that pops in autumn orange. It's 10% off this month -- $27 and is SUPER cute!! I've got mine in my entry way warming the scent of the month -- Caramel Pear Crisp which is also 10% off this month!

Also, be sure to check out our Closeout section -- there are some AWESOME warmers there for a discount. They are the discontinued designs from previous collections, and are only there until they sell out... but I saw some great Halloween and Christmas items in there. Along with the Autism warmer, Sunshine Kids warmer, and the Heartfelt Warmer which supports the American Heart Association.

As always, you can check out the Combine & Save packages too - which will save you a little bit of money on entire Scentsy Systems and when buying multiples of the same products -- like scent bars, and Layers products.

Thanks so much for following along with me on this post!! If you got to the bottom, contact me for my monthly specials -- because there might be something special in it for you!!

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