Monday, November 5, 2012

Being Sick with Toddlers

If there is one thing I miss from my days before parenthood... it's the elusive thing called the "sick day." Ok, in all fairness - there are a couple of other things that I miss, but it's mainly date nights and such - which we will get back once we move home.

Back to the topic at hand, ya'll... being sick with toddlers is no joke. There isn't much in the way of resting -- because Lord knows they are in to everything! It might seem like a good idea to turn on a video and let them have their run of the place, but in reality - it doesn't work that way. At least not here.

Thank God, for the grace that is Mother's Day Out -- because that gives you 5 hours of a break to rest. Even that isn't enough to get you through the mess that we've been through lately. We've been sick in some form for over a month, and I'm out of ideas.

The movies don't work anymore, and the sicker I feel - the more they tend to run wild. I flat never feel guilty for doing what is necessary to get through the day -- it's basically survival mode at this point. I've done so many things I'm not proud of to get through the day -- like allowing them to climb on just about everything we own to keep them entertained.

When both parents fall ill, you are in serious trouble because there is no back up -- it's everyone for themselves!

Then when there is a hospital visit involved - it gets ugly. Especially when the kids have been to said ER for their own illnesses. Literally, James lost his mind when they got in the parking lot to pick me up -- he just freaked out and there was no logical way to explain to his 2.5 year old self that he wasn't being messed with -- it was Mommy's turn for all that. 

I still can't seem to kick this UTI/Flu/Sinus Infection mess -- and of course I also can't tell if I got rid of the pesky kidney stones because the fabulous health care providers at our closest hospital didn't give me a strainer to check if it passes. Greeeeeeat! So I guess, I just stop taking my pain meds and see what happens in the future. I just know that I can only avoid caffeine for SO long. On top of all that, the hubs now has the flu/sinus infection mess... I just pray that we can keep the boys from getting anything else and we can finally get this crud out of our house for good.

I had to laugh today when we were at the doctor's office for John to finally get checked out, and he asked me if we could call the Mother's Day Out program to see if they'd keep the kids over night so that we could get some good solid rest. HAHAHA! If only. I told him that I was pretty sure that those types of services are only provided by grandmothers and/or aunts. I'm pretty sure though that anyone could name their price, and we'd make it happen just to get well.

So, those of you that have family close by... don't take that for granted! Some of us would give a right arm for that today!

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