Saturday, January 26, 2013

In the Hospital... Still...

I spent a second night in the hospital, for basically no reason. Top that off with not getting breakfast or lunch... it was completely frustrating.

When I finally got out of the hospital, the doctor told me that I could have gotten out the night before. You DO NOT tell a woman that when she spent the day waiting for you to show up to sign the release forms! You also don't tell her that after having the lady in the room next door complain about my kids -- sigh.

We survived, thankfully.

I couldn't have been more thrilled to get to go home to be with my boys. I really missed being at home. While I'm nervous about the future and what may or may not ever happen again... I was brought to the place where I don't want to be away from my men any more than is absolutely necessary. I'm sure this will change over time, and I'll be ready for a break... today though, I'm just wanting to soak it all up.

The events of the weekend certainly brought me to the place that makes you realize life is previous and a gift. You aren't guaranteed to be here tomorrow - so you've got to make each day and moment count. I hope that I can do that and keep doing it with my family.

Even though this episode could have been much worse, it was certainly enough to scare you straight... I want to take it and turn it into a positive by continuing to change my diet and health both with the foods we eat, but adding in some exercise as well.

I'm not going off the deep end with it because I need to rest and recuperate, but it's time to take charge of this body that I'm in and try to make it the best it can be -- or at least better than it has been. I'd love some buddies along the way -- so let me know if you're interested in walking this journey together.

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