Friday, January 18, 2013

James' Football

James is in the Toddler 2 class at his school, and was given a homework project last fall - they were assigned the bulletin board for the entrance of the school for the month of January and asked that all of the kids work on a football with their families.

Clearly we are the only ones that took this to be a serious project for his future development, because we are obnoxious! You can see James' football right there front and center next to the word "with" -- clearly we are proud Aggies this year with a great season behind us, a Heisman trophy winner, and a preseason ranking of #1... lets keep this going!

The only way it gets better is for us to move back home to Texas and be able to take the boys to an actual game. James already shows signs of enjoying watching the games with his Daddy, they scream and yell with each other while Tyler looks at them like they're crazy.

For having two parents that are not artistic in the least -- we did alright. I got a second football to make one for Tyler, and then I will likely frame them with some sort of magazine or something commemorating this year's season. Since this is the first season in the SEC - John got a set of reprints of our tickets so that we can frame them too.

We are all about the Aggie Swag in this family -- I just can't wait until we have a game room or study to hang them in... I miss having an area designated for these trinkets and pieces of art.

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