Thursday, January 17, 2013

The One with the Poop

We are rocking along with our non-potty training plan... except for the fact that I need James to be potty trained by August, and I'm a little scared about that. Anyway... I think the boys are becoming more and more aware of what is going on -- or they are totally manipulating me for candy.

They ask to go to the potty all day long, and we do act on most requests. It can get cumbersome with the trips to the potty taking most of our day by the time everyone has fought me on getting up or getting redressed. (You name it and they try to stall)

There we are -- we've been hearing for an hour or so that someone might need to poop. (I'm not naming names so I don't embarrass anyone... but rest assured that it was a toddler.) We suffered through a couple of false alarms with said child, and opted to go ahead with giving their nightly baths - because well, we had no reason to think otherwise.

In almost 3 years of parenting -- we'd never had a floater in the bathtub, until now. John was in the middle of giving the boys their bath, and I was fluttering around doing something when I heard one of the boys start screaming bloody murder. John calls for me, and then I realize what has happened... so we have both boys in the tub, one covered in soap, and the other standing there freaking out.

I scooped up the child having the breakdown, and wrapped him in his towel and snuggled him while John drained the tub, fished out the floater, and tried to keep the other child calm. After 5 or so minutes, the pooper calmed down and I got him dressed again.

We went on about our night without anymore incident, but I wonder what will happen when said child needs to go again.

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  1. Heh, these are the stories you'll tell countless times when they're older, specifically to whomever you think will cause them the most embarrassment. I'm pretty sure that's in the parenting handbook somewhere. :) Classic stuff!


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