Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wintertime Beauty

Some of you likely live in much colder areas and see these things all the time. For me, growing up in TX... it just doesn't happen often at all. The last time I experienced anything like ice I saw yesterday/today was in 1997!

It's really pretty to see, especially if you don't have to get out and deal with it -- which today we did need to get out, but other than turning my car on for a good while before leaving - it wasn't a big deal - the roads were clear by the time we needed to head to the pediatrician at 9:30.

Anyway, I took some pretty decent pictures - and really it's not that much ice... but for a Texas girl -- it sure was fun to see! I just pray that we'll get at least 1 good snow so that we can take the boys out to experience it before we move back home.


This was from inside the car this morning -- I turned it on to start warming up about 30 minutes before we got in, and I even had to crack the doors open to get inside to get it started up.

I know that I'm weird, but I just love cold weather. I'd much prefer being cold over being hot -- I can layer up in the cold, but there is only so naked you can get... and typically people prefer you to be clothed in public which is problematic. <totally joking>


  1. Girl, you are so funny! But why don't you park in the garage? Then you wouldn't have to warm up your car for so long. Here in DFW, we have ice and/or snow at least once a winter, and no one can drive in it.

  2. It iced like that here in Houston two years ago and we all went crazy with the pictures! I'm not like you though, I hate cold weather!


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