Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our First Kiwi Crate

Have you ever heard of Kiwi Crate? It's a box of themed projects that come to your door each month for kids ages 3-7... depending on the kids possibly a little younger or a little older too. You can get a box for each child, or they have a great add on option for siblings - which is what I chose to do. The sibling set sends you extra supplies and the things you need to make multiples of the projects.

* Includes all the materials and inspiration for 2-3 activities - art, science, games, imaginative play, and more.
* A new theme - like gardening, dinosaurs, space - every month.
* Different subscription options, but basic is $19.95 a month
* Sibling Add-On for $7.99 per additional child - they call this a fight free crate. HAHAHA!

A friend of mine on Facebook posted about it and I was able to get a discount on my first box, so I ordered. I couldn't be more thrilled with what we got, and I can't wait to get started on a project with the boys. We will likely start one next week once everyone is back to normal after Tyler's surgery.

I thought I'd take a minute to show you what we got in the mail... addressed to the boys of course!

The theme this month is feathered friends -- so we will be making bird costumes and nests with eggs... 

On the back of the cover for the box -- are some stickers - these go on a map that they sent along with the kit. As we get going with the projects, I'll show more about these items. 

This is the package with the map inside, and as you can see below -- they sent the boys a pair of scissors to use with their projects too. 

This brochure tells about what is is coming up for the summer... June is Nature Explorers, July is Wonders of Water, and August is Fun with Flight! Can't wait! 

This little card explains the project and tells what supplies from the box are needed - as below. 

All of the supplies are in the box under these brochures and things -- it looks like a blast, and I can't wait to get started. If I can keep my OCD at bay and let them make a mess, have fun, and maybe learn something! 

If you might be interested in getting your own box at $10 off for the first order... follow this link and sign up! You won't regret it, AND once you get started... you'll learn how you can save on future orders as well.

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