Thursday, June 27, 2013

No Rest for the Weary


We've basically got a park going on here these days -- with bikes, Jeeps, baby 4 wheelers, lawn mowers, water tables, airplanes, and swing sets... I swear... all we need now is a giant fort and we're all set for the next several years - with the exception of a potential upgrade on the swing set front.

My mom sent the boys the airplane last week, and we got it set up this weekend... I've got SO many more pictures to share of our fun in the sun, but these are a few to get us started. 

What little boys in their right mind wouldn't love this? I've got a friend that has one as well, and her son got it at about the same age as James & Tyler... and still plays with it 5 years later... so I totally see this thing "flying" through Arkansas at some point in the back of PawPaw's truck when we move. HA! 

I had to make a quick run to the grocery store on Sunday -- so John braved the yard with the boys -- and of course they needed to up their "cool" factor with their sunglasses. Today is National Sunglasses Day... so I thought this was appropriate. 

The inaugural flight... oh, the trouble these two get into. There have already been MANY fights over who sits in the front... and of course when they decide to teeter totter on the wings -- it's hilarious because Tyler outweighs James by 12+ pounds. 

We came outside a day or two ago to find this... 

I'm not sure if a fat bird or squirrel did it... or just some sort of random thing... but our wildlife is being cut off from their food rations for a little bit... I swear, I fill up the feeder and it's empty the next day. Combine that with Tyler's obsession with getting bird poop off of everything -- and it's just time to cut them back a bit. 

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