Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The YaYa's

Things have been crazy, and I've got some news to document here on the blog... but I want to wait until Friday to put it out there so that I can understand more about it to explain it fully. In the mean time, I want to share with ya'll something that has been a huge blessing in my life.

In my adult years, I have struggled with finding a good core group of friends that would be the type of ladies that I could count on in times of need. You know the ones that step up when tragedy strikes or ladies that are there to celebrate the good times with you as well. The ones that you can call in the middle of the night if you needed something. They are rare.

I hear about ladies that have "besties" or "BFFs" -- I just haven't really felt like I've had those in a while, there are a couple of ladies that I love dearly... but life gets in the way sometimes and we aren't as close as we used to be.

Insert the YaYas -- like the movie only, it's real.

One of my friends who is in the middle of the photo on the right side, started this group. Her mother has been involved in one of these groups since she was young, and they have a wonderful time together. So she started one of her own! I'm so thrilled that she did!

We have a Facebook group to be able to share information and even invite new friends if we want to. Initially she made sure that she invited people to be a part of it, and that each of them would know at least one other person in the group. For instance, you see me here on the left of the picture and another friend next to me -- we went to church together along with J.

Out of about 20 people in the group right now, the 5 of us made it to the first meeting. It is set for every second Saturday of the month at 7PM... so that makes it easy. We meet at a restaurant and have a few other special things planned.

June and December will have special things tied to them - in June we are going to meet at someone's home and have a Favorite Things Birthday celebration. The plan is that we will get together to celebrate everyone's birthday at one time, and do a Favorite Things exchange. You pick one thing that you just can't live without and bring one for each person attending - then you go home with a little something from each person. Then in December we will have a Christmas party -- which may involve a white elephant exchange or an ornament exchange or something... or who knows we might do something else.

We've thrown around ideas about doing secret sister things... but we've also added a cookbook to the plan too. At each meeting we are all going to bring recipes to the meetings, a different category each meeting... and Molly is going to put it all together into a cookbook for us.

We eventually would like to start traveling together... and just generally share in life's journey together. I am so honored and thrilled to be doing this with such wonderful ladies. I personally am grateful because I'm about to go through a big health journey, and knowing that they'll have my back if I need it is comforting. Also having my family around makes it so much easier to know that I'm close to family who will also be around for us as well.

As they say, this is the start of a beautiful friendship...

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