Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Worst Mom in the World

I swear that every time we walk into a store -- it's like the whole world comes apart for these two boys. Like suddenly they forget every bit of sense their little bodies had and they become two of the biggest hyenas I've ever witnessed.

I feel people looking at me like I haven't taught them any better, which I can assure them... I have. I continue to tell them that people aren't going to want to be around them if they continue acting like this, but it really falls on deaf ears. Am I alone? Is it their age? Is it the fact that they are only 6 months apart?

I have no idea. We can be at home, with them acting completely civil -- go out for a quick errand, and they act like they can't hold it together. Running around the grocery cart, smacking each other, trying to squish their brother inside the carts that have the "driving car" on the front... then finally they are not even riding IN the stupid driving car that they desperately had to have. It's my favorite to be pushing those impossible to steer carts with no children inside.

It's a problem, and I'm not sure what to do about it. Should I ignore them, and have confidence that it'll stop? It's the same thing at restaurants... so I feel like I've got to train them somehow, but then there is the deaf ear problem. Oiy! Boys!

Help a momma out... why are my children crazy in public? Are yours? Can you at least tell me yours are so that I'll feel better? I know most of you have angelic children because I see them in the grocery store and wonder why mine are doing doughnuts around the cart which everyone else has their kids sitting still in their cart.