Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Brooklyn's 8th Birthday

Our niece, Brooklyn, turned 8 in late September -- which kicks off October the month that our families have 9 birthdays! It's insanity really... but anyway this is all about Brooklyn. She is a spunky little thing that used to have the biggest cheeks on the planet... oh and baby rolls for days. Then she grew up and stopped eating much of anything at all... except for the sweets. She eats all the sweets.

We celebrated on a Sunday, so we met at John's parents house for lunch after church. This was all of the kids sitting down for lunch together -- they had two friends come with them for the party. All of these 7 kids homeschool.

Here is miss Brooklyn... such a sully girl! Her sister, Aspyn, looks like she is giving her the stink eye... or maybe that was for me.

We gave her the new Cinderella movie, and she was thrilled. It was funny because she had such a precious reaction. She got some other clothes and things too. 

Here PawPaw was helping her read her cards. It was funny to watch. He really is a HUGE personality that keeps us on our toes - in a good way.

I think she had a good day and felt loved. Sometimes that can be hard when she is in between her two sisters - they are each 5 years apart so things can get interesting with all those years difference. John's sister really does have three of the most beautiful girls, and we love them so much. 

We've been lucky enough to have amazing nieces. 3 on my side, 3 on his... 1 nephew, and my little siblings which are the same age as two of our nieces.... great kids all around, and of course our two littles are pretty precious too!

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