Monday, November 7, 2016

Menu Monday - 11/7/16

We typically have a big Sunday Night dinner together before the week starts running and none of us get a chance to sit down all together.  I typically sit down with the boys to do their prayers before dinner and also to work on our Turkey on the Table project for November... we've got a Shepherd's Treasure deal coming for next month to go along with our Elf on the Shelf. Our elf, Dash, is pretty tame in his adventures because the boys are just not self controlled enough at this time in their lives for that yet.

Anyway, as soon as our Shepherd's Treasure comes in -- I'll show you all about that -- I know that the company had a limited quantity so you may not be able to get one anymore. (At the time that I added the link, they still appeared to be available)

Our menu for this week:

Sunday: Chicken & Rice with peas
Monday: Pasta e' Fagioli Soup *
Tuesday: Garlic Grilled Chicken *, Chicken Ricearoni, and Salad
Wednesday: Pork Chops, Long Grain & Wild Rice, and Roasted Broccoli
Thursday: Mediterranean Chicken * over Rice
Friday: Baked Chicken Parmesan, Pasta Alfredo, and Salad
Saturday: Stuffed Bell Pepper Casserole

These are freezer meals that I had prepped ahead on the MyFreezeEasy plan. It's a really simple concept of prep and freeze -- no precooking on most of it -- and you can get 10 meals done in about an hour! Who doesn't love that!?

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