Thursday, November 3, 2016

Real Life

I need to deviate  from the planned posts for a minute because sometimes homeschooling is H.A.R.D. - who is with me on this?

I mean, I would love to have a day or two at home alone to get a few things done... or who am I kidding -- I'd at least spend a couple hours on Netflix or something just enjoying watching something other than cartoons on repeat for a while.

Instead, I'm spending extra money to buy curriculum and do it myself. <I'm happy to do this, so follow me here>

Anyway, this week has been a horrible struggle with the guy in the picture at the top. He just flat doesn't want to participate in the short lessons that I'm asking him to get done each day. It's too much to ask him to write a word here or there. It's too hard to follow directions -- I mean y'all -- it's not like I read the whole page and say "here."

I break it down, and our curriculum separates the different areas with different instructions into color coded boxes... so when we talk about the instructions -- I am specific "Go to the red box on page 12, and match the number with the number word" -- easy peasy, right? I mean wow. It saddens me that he gets so ahead of himself that he goes off and does the wrong thing, and spends half of his time in the classroom erasing and redoing the work.

I'm at a loss. I mean we had a real argument over it this week because I lost my patience a bit with it all, but it's the same thing everyday. I tell him -- WAIT for me, but it's like he just can't stop himself. I know he really wants to show me what he can do, but it typically ends with both of us annoyed because of it being wrong.

I know it's just a phase, but seriously -- this stuff isn't easy. Parenting is not for the weak, and Homeschooling is almost like walking out into a loaded battlefield some days. They are lucky that I see them every night when they are sleeping and fall in love with their sweet faces all over again -- and wake up the next day ready to try again. 

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