Monday, January 9, 2017

Journey to Better Health

There honestly hasn't been a year in my adult life that I haven't set a goal for better health... but I truly believe that this year, I can make it happen. I want to make small changes and be better overall... not just lose weight.

I'm going to give the Shred Revolutionary Diet a try this year. I've read through this book and the Cookbook as well... I've loved them both!


The plan seems like it might really work for me because it's a 6 week cycle, and each week is very different. So for someone that likes plans that offer variations at the same time as they spell out what you should do for the best results... this is right up my alley! 

I additionally plan to use the Core De Force workout plan at least for the first month of my workouts... I used 21 Day Fix for the better part of the fall and I loved it as well. I tried Country Heat too, but I'm just not much of a dancer... so it didn't really work well for me -- don't get me wrong, it is a lot of fun - it's just not my favorite plan. If you're more interested in something you can live stream into your living room -- you should check out BeachBody On Demand.

In addition to these things -- I'm going to step up my water intake, and do my best to try to get my medications under control. So I'm going to be working toward getting my health to a place that will allow for my doctor to decrease my chronic medications tapered down to a level that is less and less each time I go to see my doctor. 

I experienced that in November when my doctor lowered one of my medications based on my eating well and working out so consistently for the several months before I went to see her.

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