Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Classroom Setup

I let these two wild and crazy guys preview their new classroom set up today after I'd finished getting it all ready for next week. We've got new desks this year and hopefully, they'll last a bit longer than our smaller wooden versions. I really liked them because they are adjustable so the boys can sit at the right height for themselves.

This is our Character section - we are continuing forward with our We Choose Virtues program with a few other things to supplement our lessons - I've got our character video series from our preschool years that we never watched, so I'm planning on pulling out our television that is in the closet there to show those at least one day a week. There is a chart where we can mark off if we're having good days on each of the character traits too.

This is our calendar & math corner -- I'm debating taking down the calendar this year and making this a science and math section -- but for now the calendar is still up and ready to roll for next week.

The boys have these classroom manners/rules basically memorized so I'm sure as the year moves on, I'll trade these out for other things. I've also got the books of the Bible displayed there with the Old Testament on the top list and the New Testament on the bottom.

This is where all of our workbooks live -- by the end of the year those racks will be empty on the top of that furniture. I've also got supplies inside of both sets of drawers there -- there is a social studies manipulative drawer, a math manipulatives drawer, a science experiment supply drawer, art supplies & lessons, pencils & erasers in bulk, and much more. I'm such a school supply geek that I have bought nothing this year and I think we'll still have leftovers.

This is our library -- we've got chapter books on top, paperback books on the top shelf, hardback books in the middle, and reference books on the bottom. We are starting a reading challenge on June 5th so the boys will be reading 400 minutes over the first 8 weeks of the school year, and hopefully, will earn some new books through the sponsorships that we've solicited.

Our height chart along with part one of our Language Arts section of the room... working on parts of speech in this area of the room.

This area talks about the different types of punctuation. On that shelf to the left side of the picture houses our really nice special hardback books, some teaching books for Mom, and our classroom fish tank.

The classroom is ready and the desks are full for the start of class on June 5th. We have closed the door for the remainder of our break. A little more R&R before we get started on our next school year!

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