Thursday, June 1, 2017

Repost: Tender Hearted

Things are super busy right now -- so I thought I'd repost a couple of my most popular posts.... this one is from 2013.

It's nap time in the house of Hawk, and John is watching a movie. This particular movie is called War Horse, and it's killing me. I've got such a soft side for animals when it comes to storytelling. I've never been more affected by movies than the ones where an animal is at the center of the story line.

The movie Hatchi just about did me in several years ago - I mean full on sobbing crying over this sweet dog. I remember doing the same thing in Dances with Wolves over the field full of dead buffalo, the horses, and the wolf... 

Don't get me wrong, I am a sobbing mess at movies with sad messages... but for some reason, an animal gets me every single time... without fail and without question.

I've only been sort of watching this movie with a lot of distraction, but the way this horse has been taken and put through so much in a war (I'm guessing WWI or WWII) is just horrible. He keeps getting taken from his owners and put to use in the war, and I know this is the way it was done back then -- I just can't help feeling sorry for him. The whole thing seems so barbaric.

I'm totally missing the point of this movie because of the animal factor too -- which makes me laugh. I am such a dope. I much prefer movies that don't use animals in the center of the story -- unless it's super happy. That's just my personal issue...

I guess it's no surprise that I'm snuggled down between a dog and a cat while writing this. I'm sure it's not a super shock that I'd rather bring any stray home than hear about it getting hurt -- I guess that goes for animals or kids. John used to laugh at my career goal when we were younger -- I wanted to be a social worker, but he knew that if I worked with CPS -- it would be bad.

He always said that he'd end up bailing me out of jail for beating up some kid's parent to show them what child abuse feels like... HAHA! Then he'd have to bring me home to a house full of wall to wall kids because I would take them home instead of trusting them to the system. This might be true, but I never got into that career field, and I guess maybe that is because God knew that wasn't the right ministry for me.

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