Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Intentional Summer

This year I've been setting monthly intentional goals for myself, and some months I keep up with them better than others. I love the heart behind this process though because there is a series of pages at the beginning of the process that you work through to uncover your intentional goals for the year. At the end of each season there is a small refresh section where you can reevaluate where you are and if you need to adjust your goals for the upcoming months.

They also have some great practical and fun things for you to read through along the way as well. 

This is what the goal refresh page looks like for the summer -- and I will be resetting some of mine this time around. I want to change the way I attack some of them with my new mindset lately and give myself some new action steps to work toward meeting each of them. 

Part of the other side of the page getting ready to set your specific goals for June. Then you continue to move into the June tab. 

One last page before setting up your list of monthly, weekly, and daily task items -- you get a chance to get a few things off of your chest. It's freeing to fill this page out before you move on to the next step. 

This tending list helps you to then get your mind around setting small attainable action items to make little by little progress on your goals. There are times when items go undone -- but there are also times when you can fill in the little progress bars to completion too. It's all a process of just trying to do the best you can. 

Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 24th, Lara Casey the creator of Powersheets will be on Facebook Live talking about the process and hacks! I would welcome seeing any of my friends on the live broadcast along with me. 

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