Wednesday, May 17, 2017

This is 39

Here we are, day 1 of year 39 -- I'm thinking of it as the beginning of a new book. There is nothing magical about January 1st being the beginning of new things. I've been trying to be more intentional this year as a whole, but things within myself are changing.

There is an interesting phenomenon that is happening within my mind and spirit lately -- and it's causing me to care less about what others think of me, and own who I am. You may not like who I am, but that doesn't mean that either of us are wrong... maybe we are just moving in different directions.

I've always been very much a people pleaser and mediator between those in opposition, so this is very much a shift for me. I just feel more balanced in where life is settling in right now, and I think that's a good thing. That isn't to say that I don't want to better things in several areas -- we are always a work in progress friends.

Lately, I've been watching several videos and following Lara Casey (Cultivate What Matters), Erin Chase (MyFreezEasy), and Emily Ley (Simplified Planner). These ladies are my SHE-ROES -- because their messages of simplification and putting what matters to you at the forefront of your daily tasks just really speaks to where I am today.

How many of us can relate with this lady in the photo above? I know I can, but you know what is going on here... it's a lot of our own making. I'm writing this more for myself than anyone else... because I know that I've become "too busy." Personally, I am trying to keep up with too much, and spending more time doing things virtually than I am in person. I'm shy by nature, so somethings are just outside of my comfort zone... but I want to be someone that does hard things.

How do we do that? Think about the things in your life that will matter when you are 80 (or older), and choose to focus on those things rather than the clutter that fills our inboxes and social media feeds on a daily basis. For me -- those things are FAITH, FAMILY, and FRIENDS. I'll even throw in one that doesn't start with F too -- HEALTH -- mental and physical.

Beginning this summer - those are my 4 main focus areas... so if something isn't helping with that - I'm going to start backing away from it. I'm still working on what those things are, but I plan to delete apps from my phone that take away from those things -- or apps that I don't even use. There is so much there that I don't even use... but also I want to extend an invitation to everyone out there -- join me in this journey.

I really want to dive in wholeheartedly into this -- so if you'd like to do the same -- please reach out to me. If we have been friends for zero time or since birth... lets find some time to reconnect. That might mean that we have to Skype, but lets make it happen.

For me, when I'm 80 years old... the things that I believe will matter to me are: my faith, my husband & children (hopefully grandchildren too), my extended family, my friends that have walked through life with me, and my health -- obviously the last one is incredibly important to the whole making it to 80 and beyond.

That being said... in the words of Jerry Maguire... Who's Coming with Me?

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