Thursday, May 18, 2017

Summer Reading Programs

Do you have children in your life? Most of us do in one way or another, and I'd like to help with some ideas for the summer for everyone! I know that in today's world, we worry about too much screen time... but would you ever worry about too much book time? Of course not, and with summer almost here -- it's time to have a plan! 

Have you ever heard of the summer slide? It's the idea that during the 3 month long break from school that kids are often given, they are losing some the knowledge in reading that creates a long term effect on their schooling. 

To combat this -- I've got TWO programs this summer to help keep kids actively reading.

The first program is my Summer Book Club. We can make this work in different ways -- if you have multiple children, you can do one subscription per child or you can split the box between your kids. Your $45 will get two books a month, including tax and shipping! Each month: June, July, and August -- I will mail your child(ren) 2 books for their reading pleasure. These can be customized based on your children's preferences and reading levels. Wouldn't your child love to get personalized mail for them each month of the summer?

The second program is a little bit different, but equally fun!

The Summer Reading Challenge is a bit different in that it is a reading challenge - your child commits (each child is a separate commitment). They can read the books themselves or you can read with them if they are not reading yet. They'll read 400 or more minutes over the course of 6 weeks (about 10 minutes a day if you're reading 7 days a week). They'll ask for sponsors from other family members or friends -- the possibilities are limitless!

Once they have finished their reading their sponsors will pay the parents the total, and the children will choose a wishlist of books to purchase with their sponsorship money - then we will order the books they've chosen with the total by July 31st!

There will be other prizes throughout the Challenge for the kids to encourage them to keep up their hard work reading.

If you joined in on both programs, they'd have 4 new books to read during their challenge!! Because you'd get 2 of their Book Club packages during the weeks of the Reading Challenge. 

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