Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Kitchen Hacks

I am working really hard these days on getting more and more efficient - I've got lots to say on this as I simplify and set up new practical systems within my home. Below you'll find 3 things that I've used to help get me on the right track!

My first main kitchen hack is using the My FreezEasy system for getting meals into my freezer on a regular basis to tame dinner time! There are so many options to choose from within this system. The basic plan puts out 8 new menus a month with several different dietary options to chose from 20 meals, traditional, slow cooker, gluten-free, clean eats,  -- there is also a chicken only, pork chop only, and ground beef only plans. The premium membership allows you to make your own plans from scratch (what I do most often), swap meals from the monthly menus with family favorites, and you get new menus each month. There is also the mobile app that you can use from your phone!

My second hack is the ALL NEW My Efficient Kitchen Class that Erin has developed. Are you stressed out about all the things that are needed from you in the kitchen? Are you ready to tame the witching hour? Want to learn some great time-saving tips from a busy mom of 4 active boys? This is the class for you. 

Here is what you get from your $19 investment:

  • 11 Short, But Impactful Lessons so you can watch when you have a few minutes, and absorb all the wisdom and practical tips
  • Downloadable Worksheets for the Lessons so you can fully digest the material and make decisions on what to change or tweak next
  • Simple Strategies for Purpose-Filled Kitchen so you can get to the dinner table without losing your mind
  • Definition of Overwhelm so you can recognize when it’s coming and then push through it
  • Clarity on Decision Fatigue and how it affects your brain at the witching hour
  • Make the One Step Ahead Concept a Part of Your Daily Routine so you never feel like you’re spinning backward
  • In-depth Look at the Greatest Cooking Hacks so you can figure out what will help you best (where you are right now)
  • Immediate & Continued Access to the class so you can get started right away and come back to review or refresh at any time

After learning what Erin has to say about Instant Pots (Electric Pressure Cookers) -- you may also want to check out her Electric Pressure Cooking 101 class -- Here is what your $12 investment gets you: 

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