Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Work it Out

Today, I hit play for the first time on a new workout system. It's unlike anything I've ever done, but it's helping me to focus more on my core, flexibility, and posture for the time being. It's a 90-day workout plan, and I'm pretty excited about it. I'd love for you to join me on this journey - I will choose something else after this program is complete, likely something with a bit more impact -- but for now, this is what my body needs.

Tai Cheng™: Mobility, Agility, Vitality. Everything is about to feel better.  Get to know Tai Cheng. 

Tai Cheng can help people overcome injuries, improve balance, strengthen muscles, and maybe even rediscover their youth. 

Dr. Mark Cheng worked with Beachbody® to create Tai Cheng. A martial arts master trainer with more than three decades of experience in Tai Chi—Dr. Cheng used 21st-century sports science to develop Tai Cheng, which can help your customers’ vitality improve with age. 

What’s included in Tai Cheng? 

• 4 workout DVDs, plus 1 Master Scroll reference DVD 
• “Easy Does It” Fitness Guide and “Feel Better Food Plan” Nutrition Guide 
• 90-day Daily Workout Calendar and Blue Foam Roller 
1. Tai Cheng for Travel—to help reduce pain and stiffness while traveling
2. Tai Cheng for Sport—a workout that helps enhance your sports performance, especially golf 
3. Strength Band 
4. Adhesive tape to create the Tai Cheng foot placement grid 
5. Free Team Beachbody® 30-day VIP membership 

How do you order Tai Cheng? HERE -- Right there on the homepage on the right-hand side, you will find a link directly to the program. 

What do your customers get if they order Tai Cheng from you? 

• FREE bonus DVD: Tai Cheng Body Alignment. In it, Dr. Cheng demonstrates how important body mechanics and posture is to maintaining peak performance. 

• The opportunity to be featured in a future Tai Cheng infomercial.

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