Friday, March 21, 2008

Remy Sitting

John and I are puppy sitting for our friends', Robby & Sarah, dog. She's a sweetie... and seems to be taking well to her new surroundings. We started trying to introduce her to our dogs today, on her second day here... and she seems to be okay with our little one, Missy, but not to sure about Maggie. So our girls are locked in the bedroom for now... but after spending about an hour trying to become friends - everyone is pretty tired.

John seems to be enjoying Remy's company - because she is more attached to him, and our girls are the opposite. So they've enjoyed their day off together - they've washed his truck, and went for a ride earlier today... now she's asleep in the same position as the first of the pictures.

I hope that everyone is enjoying the start of their holiday weekend - I know I am!! Come Monday - I only have to work 2 days, and then I'm off for 6!! WOO HOO!!

Well, I'm off to go get dinner ready for us, and to relax... ooooh... maybe a bubble bath is in my future this evening?! Tomorrow, John is taking me shopping for a couple of new outfits for my interview and observation days next week... and I'm probably going to sneak in a trip to the craft store for some scrapbooking supplies so that I can do some more pages this weekend. Nothing really exciting, but after two full weekends away from the house - and the fact that I'll be gone next weekend... I am planning on taking it easy and getting a little R&R.

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  1. Remy is adorable! I am currently relaxing in a hotel and it is way nice, especially face a three day weekend. I need the break! Enjoy yours!


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