Saturday, March 22, 2008

Shopped and Dropped

The shopping adventure went fairly well, and we ended up with LOTS of stuff. We started out the day having breakfast at one of John's favorite breakfast spots... which for some reason traditional breakfast foods tend to make me ill - so I spent our first shopping stop battling a very painful stomach ache, but the stop was at Sears Hardware for guy things... so it wasn't much of a loss for me.

We then made our way to the craft store, Michael's, where we bought flowers to take to John's grandparents graves next week while we're off, easter basket stuff for Taylor and Brooklyn, scrapbook stuff, and a really lovely framed piece of art for our dining room. (the art is our combined anniversary gift to each other)

I've decided to start a second scrapbook for us - really just to cover the things that don't fit into my weight loss book... like our adventures during 2008. My guess is that I'll end up with lots of books over the years, but maybe things will bleed into mutiple years... who knows.

From the craft store we went to hit Lane Bryant... for my interview clothes. Can I just say that they tick me off?! Why is it that I go in that store and feel like a total cow? They're clothes are not cut very well for starters - I tried on several things and I just can't get their pants to fit me correctly. So I bought a jacket, and a couple of tops... one top is an 18/20, and another is a 26/28 - which irritated me too... but I needed it to make my outfit work. Bleh!

We hit an Avenue store next to the Lane Bryant next, and I was able to get some pants in a size 24... which is where I thought I should be because I know that all my pants at home are at least 26s and none of them fit anymore. So in the sizes at the Avenue store - I've gone from a 30/32 (pushing the limits on them at the time of my surgery) to now wearing size 24 pants. That's pretty impressive... so to heck with Lane Bryant. I don't need the stress of shopping there!!

The dogs are still having a little trouble getting along, so we've got two of them on leashes... hopefully we'll be able to get them off before the end of the evening... but I don't hold any hope for them being real buddies anymore. Remy's family will be home tomorrow sometime -but I think that John is going to miss her... she hasn't left his side (other than during our shopping trip) since Thursday night. She really has no interest in me at all - unless my girls are out and then she wants to come get some attention from me. Silly... but typical for dogs, I'd guess.

Our Aggie Men's basketball team plays again tonight in the second round of the NCAA tournament... we don't hold out much hope for a win... but it sure would be fun!! Gig 'Em boys!


  1. I'm glad you were at least able to find some things! Our Lane Bryant at the mall specializes in urban clothes and I hate it! Everything is black, brown, lime green or orange, and low cut and frilly. Makes me want to hurl!

  2. I have always had so much more success at The Avenue...especially if pants were involved in the shopping trip at all. I have been on the outs with Lane Bryant for some time.

  3. Oh wow, that's funny... I'm the opposite. LB fits great, Avenue never does! All I know is that I can't wait to have MORE CHOICES! : )


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