Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daily Recap

Another full day of interviews - I had two again... can I say that I'm truly exhausted at the possibilities that are out there right now?!

The first interview was actually held at The Federal Reserve Bank in downtown Houston, and I don't know how many of you have seen the movie Mad Money... but those facilities are like Fort Knox - seriously!! I'm embarrassed to say that I almost couldn't figure out how to get inside to my interview... you've got to drive up the driveway to the first security checkpoint, and they lower these big concrete pillars for you to drive into the property. From there - you've got to drive into the parking garage, and go into the lobby... where it's very similar to going through airport security! After passing through the metal detectors and having your purse x-rayed... you've got to get a badge and show them some ID. Finally after all of that - the person you're going to meet has to come and get you from the security booth.

I completely understand all the security, but what I thought was interesting is that someone in that building had their family go through all of that just to come have lunch with them!!

It was a very impressive building and surroundings... apparently the employees go through the security everyday and have to use their thumbprint to get into the building.

The interview went really well, and while I would love the job - I don't know that it's going to work out. The man I interviewed with was great, and his son was really great too - that'd be who I'd replace if I took the job. The only problem that I had was that there are absolutely NO benefits offered by the organization... they give you $250 to go get yourself insurance or put into retirement for your future, and I just don't know how comfortable John and I are with that.

We'll just have to see what happens next week.

The second interview was much shorter, and was with a historical preservation organization... it was also downtown, and their offices are in a museum park with 9 or so preserved historical homes. The offices are in a preserved building as well, which was sort of neat. That job is much more special event driven, and would be interesting... so I'm looking forward to hearing what they have to say when we talk again as well.

I've had all these interviews, and they all have parts that would be great - and other parts that I'm apprehensive about... I just don't know what's going on in my brain... I haven't gotten a sense of complete peace about which would be my top choice and where I go from here. I pray that as the offers start to come in (I have been told that the Law School is preparing one for me) that God gives me the clarity that I need to figure out where I need to be.

I know that my life is in his hands, and I pray that I hear him loud and clear when the time is right.

On the workout front, I missed yesterday - I didn't plan well, and my interviews were earlier in the day... I had one at 11, and then my 1 o'clock went until 3... so it just didn't happen for me yesterday. I made up for it today with a short condensed workout - I ran for 30 minutes, and my distance was 4.6 miles!! YA'LL - I ran 4.6 miles!!

I don't know how this translates into real distance running - as I'm running in place with my Wii Fit, but it's better than nothing right? I remember when I first started trying to run along with that thing - and 2 minutes about killed me... now I'm doing 30! I'm going to try to run another 30 minutes tomorrow and do 30 minutes of step... that ought to be the best workout for me in terms of my heart rate staying up for an hour, and should give me the biggest bang for my workout buck.

Now if I can just get myself to where I'm not feeling like a bottomless pit in terms of food - I'd be doing great! I can't eat much at one time, but I find that I want to eat in between my 6 daily meals... maybe I need to bump up the water consumption to more than the 64 ounces daily.

One lesson was learned this morning though - I did my workout at 10:30 and had to start getting ready for my interview right after I finished...so without a good 30 minutes to an hour of cool down time... I got my shower and found myself still sweating when I left to get in the car. Sooooo - I'm going to have a challenge figuring out a working schedule that fits my workouts in at a time that is convenient, and allows for adequate cool down time.

I've also posted 7 new recipes on Kim's Cuisine today for your enjoyment. Most (5) of them are collected from our Small Group meeting this week where we had an AMAZING meal... thanks to Jen and Angela!


  1. Dang girl, you are rocking it with the running! 4.6 miles?! I am still dying a little at walking an hour on the treadmill at the Y!

  2. Great job Kim, I know what you mean about working out. I love working out, it just can be so challanging sometimes to find the time. I pray that you find a job soon (being patient is the hardest part), and a job close to home. Just to let you know in case you don't already know, it's very very hard if not impossible to buy individual health insurance that covers maternity.


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